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12:15 pm12:15

Alternate Tuning Workshop

Alternate Tuning Workshop led by Matt Reif

Every wonder why Keith Richards sounds like he does?  Why Jimmy Page’s rhythm guitar play is so interesting and unique compared to others?  Why it’s often impossible to get your guitar sound like your favorite songs?  It becomes a lot less mysterious when you learn about alternate tunings and how they are applied.  It also can make you a much better guitar player, and adding one or two open tunings to arsenal isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. 

$10 for a 45 minute session


Songwriting Workshop
12:15 pm12:15

Songwriting Workshop

Ever wanted to write a song but felt overwhelmed by the process?  I can give you the tools and a step by step method to help get you started.

All abilities welcome - beginner to advance! This is a "drop in" class, but we appreciate a curtesy email or phone call to help with preparation.

$10 for the session

Open Studio Membership
11:00 am11:00

Open Studio Membership

We are excited to announce a new way of bringing music to the Wausau area!  Collaborate with others, or work alone.  Use our space to relax, connect, be creative and get inspired.  We are thankful to our newest volunteer who has the passion to bring this idea to life!!!

Why you should join Holly Ann Music Open Studio

  1. Are you a musician at heart and working a desk job?  Afternoon times available to come and relax, get inspired, create and play a variety of good quality instruments.
  2. Looking to find other local musicians interested in forming a band or collaborating on a music project? Ages 14 to adult are welcome to join and be inspired.  With more interest we will be offering different times of the week for different ages.
  3. Stuck on a songwriting project?  Need help on playing a song?  On staff qualified music instructors are here to help!
  4. Need a quiet place to practice before a lesson?  Use one of our rooms in the spacious 1200 square foot space.  
  5. Want to record a project?  Music software (garage band and M-audio inputs) available to use during your visit.  If you want a more extensive experience with recording contact Holly Ann Music to set up a recording project (for a fee, of course).

Look back monthly for times and days the studio will be available for Open Studio.

Membership is $40/month. If you already take music lessons from Holly Ann Music, you receive a 15% discount.

Because we want to keep the place safe and enjoyable for everyone, we would like to meet each person prior to enrollment and give a tour of the space.  After your initial tour you can decide if it is the right space for you!  Please call or email for more information.  



5:00 pm17:00

Adult Group Guitar Class

Take out your old dusty guitar and renew your passion for music!  

This is a "drop in" class and all abilities are welcome

Connect with others in your community that have the same interests

$10 for a 45 minute session