Get To Know Holly Ann!

Holly Ann

Music has always been important to me.  At the age of 6 years, if I wasn't singing to my cat or dog, you could find me dancing and singing to my favorite songs in the basement of my home.  

Music also changed my life in middle school.  I disliked going to school very much and was on the path towards poor grades and low self esteem.  Not until a pivotal moment when I auditioned for the high school choir (to avoid getting a detention because I was late to school) did I find out how much it could fill a void that had been missing.  My grades went up, I met new friends and for the first time felt like I was a part of something important.

After high school I wanted to have a career where music could help individuals the way it had helped me.  Music Therapy was my first degree and after graduation I worked in various places with children and adults with a variety of special needs.  

After 15 years of developing music programs, creating choirs with VSA, working in a variety of institutions and nursing homes I decided to go back to school and acquired a music education degree and teaching certificate.  I continued teaching music in a private school in Madison, WI for 4 years and then decided it was time to start my own family.

After spending 4 years caring for my two boys and learning a lot about hard work as a stay at home mother and wife, I've decided, with the help and support of my loving husband, to create a safe space to teach, empower, inspire and instill a love of music in everyone, no matter their age or ability.  

All of us at Holly Ann Music LLC have a genuine love for music and want to see everyone succeed and achieve what they are looking to accomplish.  We will listen, be patient and hopefully inspire you to go beyond what you thought you were capable of achieving.