Get To Know Christina!



Music has inspired me and given me joy since I was young. In fifth grade I picked up the flute (thanks mom and dad) and took private lessons (thanks Mrs. Bird). I had a dream to be in the orchestra pit for Phantom of the Opera. Ultimately, I applied to UW Eau Claire to pursue a Music Therapy degree, settling on a music degree in the end. What stuck with me from my time in Music Therapy was not only learning the science about the ways that music impacts the brain, but connecting with people of all ages and abilities through music.

After college, I took a job in Virginia as a wilderness therapist for at-risk teens and was immersed in the world of psychology. While I did not initially use my music degree, I still found immense joy in playing music. Mandolin and bluegrass music became a new avenue of musical discovery for me and I played in a small Irish band, learning from and creating music with wonderful people. The wilderness program I worked for encouraged me to implement drum circles and to teach private music lessons to students. My next adventure included moving to Boston, earning a master degree in Psychology, and taking voice lessons.

No matter where I lived or traveled, music was there. I found it on the streets of Haiti, in the heart of London, and the rituals of Belize. Now I find it outside in the woods and in the heart of my 3 year old son.  And I have realized, I do not have to be the best flute player or in an orchestra pit to be a part of the joy of music.

I am truly grateful to everyone I have met along the way, those who taught me about music and life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work as a teacher at Holly Ann Music Studio. Thank you for creating this studio and being an inspiration to me, Holly and Matt.  I am excited to teach music to anyone who wants to be apart of it, whether your dreams take you to the orchestra or to your own backyard.