Music Opportunities in Wausau for grown ups???

At Holly Ann Music we are brainstorming what the needs are in Wausau for music groups, lessons etc. and we came up with some ideas.  We've realized there is a TON to do in Wausau for the little ones, ages 2 - 14yrs regarding camps and extracurricular schools activities, especially during the summer.  I see there are many opportunities for that age during the school year too, which is one reason I love the Wausau area and I am raising my family here.  

What happens though, when you turn 16yrs and the kiddy stuff just seems too kiddy?  Also, what about when you are 20-80 yrs and want to hang out and enjoy music together or learn a new skill with others of similar interest?  Is there somewhere in Wausau that accommodates that need?  I see a lot of art classes embracing that philosophy.   I have yet to participate in the painting classes, but every part of me wants dive in and paint and feed that side of me!  Unfortunately the introvert in me takes over and I seek other individual ventures that gives me that artist fulfillment.  But Bauhuas here I come!  

So, what if Holly Ann Music attempted to create a group music venture that helped feed the need for connecting adults with similar music interests?  Or an opportunity to get a group of friends together one evening for a music jam session and a glass of wine or beer?  What if we provided the instruments based on interest (or BYO guitar/Jdembe/uke/violin etc) and construct an evening of music with an amazing video and/or professional recording?  Maybe a simple group guitar lesson with friends?  Maybe create a band?  Maybe head over for karaoke and a drink at the end of a group voice lesson to show off some maddening skills?  Or what about a guided drumming circle with impromptu learning using good quality music instruments.

Folks, the sky is the limit... please give us some feedback!  We are up for anything you may throw at us...well, within limits :)