Video and Email Lessons

We all know life can get hectic. Daily struggles are real and sometimes things come up that can’t be controlled or avoided. Here at Holly Ann Music we understand that struggle. We want to make sure that if something comes up last minute and you have to cancel a lesson, that you don’t have to waste your hard earned money on a lesson that you can’t make!

We are now offering video lessons designed specifically for your ability and lesson plan/objectives and goals. When you can’t make a lesson, your teacher will use your lesson time slot to construct your lesson and send you a personal video and email that will continue to improve your skills. This insures that your spot will still be reserved and that your money won’t be lost for nothing. It will also allow you to be able to work on your lesson at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home at a time that works best for you.

We would still appreciate a call or email if you can’t make your lesson so we know everything is okay. We will also try and accommodate a make up lesson for any advance notice missed lessons, and, of course, a make up lesson or credit will be given if a teacher cancels a lesson.

An example of how a video/email lesson could look:

Mary, a 8 year old piano student, had a last minute cancellation due to a conflict in schedule. She unfortunately was unable to come into her weekly lesson. Christina her teacher sends her/her mom a lesson plan that she prepared for Mary with a video of the correct fingering placements and talks about the objective of the music selected. Christina may also ask Mary to use her mom’s phone to record her playing the music selection due for that weeks lesson and send it to her via text or email. if time permits Christina will give feedback on the video sent to her before the next lesson.

We are still new at this, but are very excited to be able to offer this method in place of lessons if something comes up!

Please feel free to give feedback or ask any questions as we begin this new adventure!

Thanks for being a part of Holly Ann Music Studio!