We Believe

Music is a life-long venture and should be taught to relate to the student's current life experiences. 

Learning music theory is important, but establishing an emotional connection with music can be just as important and very rewarding. We teach with passion and encouragement and provide a safe environment where mistakes are expected and welcomed. 

We believe music should be available to everyone and not just the privileged or gifted. It is not something that should be measured, but something that should be nurtured and encouraged. Our studio is looking forward to creating this space with like-minded staff & volunteers. 

We are looking forward to working with anyone who has an interest in music, in any form, with any ability and any age. 

Our Mission

To instill a meaningful, life-long connection with music by:

  • Being inclusive & accessible to the community
  • Using teaching methods to match the needs of each student
  • Teaching individuals to become proficient in music
  • Using music as a tool to cope with daily struggles