Tuition, Invoicing, and Payment Policy

Holly Ann Music offers private weekly lessons for $25/half hour or $50/hour.   There is no registration fee.   Tuition will be Invoiced monthly.  It is calculated according to number of lessons provided per month.  Payment forms accepted: Cash, Check, and Paypal (online credit)

Student Absences

In the event of any student absence, please notify your instructor in advance or as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you and you are not present for your scheduled lesson, you will be charged for that time, and no make-up lesson will be offered. Our faculty sets aside a specific time for each student. Once scheduled, that time cannot be given away to someone else and so your teacher does not have the opportunity to make up the lost income. This is a way to support our talented faculty. We thank you for your understanding and your respect for your teacher’s time! 

Student Illness: 

No student should attend lessons if sick. Please contact Holly Ann Music prior to the scheduled lesson, and a make-up lesson will be credited forward. Holly Ann Music reserves the right to dismiss a student from a scheduled lesson if the student is exhibiting symptoms of illness. 

Make-Up Lessons: 

At its discretion, the studio may offer a courtesy makeup lesson based on schedule openings. Same-week courtesy make-up lessons are not guaranteed as often teachers' schedules are already fully booked. In order to be considered for make-up lessons, parent/student must contact the studio in advance of known absence, or ASAP in the case of unforeseen circumstances. If you desire a same-week make-up lesson, it is your responsibility to contact us to discuss scheduling. Otherwise any lesson missed due to excusable absences will be credited forward. 

If the parent/student does not contact us, no make-up lesson will be offered.


Students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended. If arriving late by more than half of the lesson period, the student will be considered absent, and a make-up lesson will not be issued. 

Inclement Weather Policy:

In the event of school cancellations due to inclement weather we will  cancel lessons for that day. These cancelled lessons will be credited forward.

Holiday Closures: 

Holly Ann Music's holiday/break closures are identical to those of the public school system. If a lesson falls on a holiday, that lesson will be considered cancelled and credited forward. 

Teacher Absences:

If a teacher is absent, Holly Ann Music reserves the right to provide a qualified substitute or credit the lesson forward. Contact Holly Ann Music if you’d like to discuss a same-week courtesy make-up lesson.

Student drop off: 

To ensure your child's safety, children under the age of 8 will not be allowed to wait in the reception area unattended. Please do not drop off students more than 15 minutes prior to lesson time and pick them up promptly. Holly Ann Music faculty and staff is not responsible for children waiting in reception area unattended. Behavior that is in any way unruly or disruptive to our students is unacceptable. 

Delinquent Accounts: 

We understand circumstances arise that may delay your payment;  however, our teachers depend on giving lessons as a form of income. As such, Holly Ann Music reserves the right to suspend or discontinue instruction of any student who is delinquent in fulfilling his/her financial obligations at any time. Please speak with us if you have any concerns about making timely payments.


The is no long-term contract. To discontinue or suspend lessons, please notify Holly Ann Music in writing indicating the date of the student's last desired lesson PRIOR to that date. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from lessons! If no notice is given by the final desired lesson date, the student/parent will be invoiced for the next full month's tuition. 


Although we hope to never need to exercise it, Holly Ann Music reserves the right to dismiss any student due to frequent absences, disciplinary problems, overdue tuition payments or parental noncompliance with policies.


Any photographs, audio or videos of students or families taken by Holly Ann Music may be used in promotional publications or on our website unless specific requests to the contrary are made. (We will do our best to honor any request to not use photographs, audio or videos of specific students/their families; however, any images or footage of group activities may still be used for promotional release.)  There will be no compensation for the release. 


Holly Ann Music complies with all laws prohibiting discrimination in the conduct of its operations and programs. Holly Ann Music admits students of any religion, gender, race, color, orientation, nation and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the studio. It does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, orientation, national or ethnic origin in the administration or its educational policies or programs. 


Holly Ann Music reserves the right to change policies, fees, or waivers at any time.