Summer Music 2017


Summer Music at Holly ann Music

Here is a complete list of summer events and opportunities at Holly Ann Music!


Music Camps $165

There will be three music camp sessions offered this summer.  Each camp meeting from 1:30-3:30pm Monday -Thursday.  Have fun and create music in a friendly setting.  The camps will be led by a group of music teachers in order to provide individual, small group and large group experiences.  

1.  Week of June 19th-22nd

2.  Week of July 17th - 20th

3.  Week of August 14th - 17th

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Private Lessons  $20

Private lessons will be held Monday-Thursday between 3-6pm and are 30 minutes in length.  All ages and abilities.  Ukulele, voice, guitar, piano, drums, recorder and combined lessons available.  Please sign up online!

Buddy Lessons  $15 or $12 

Same times and days and length as a private lessons.  If your child would like to bring a (paying) friend or pair up with someone else in the studio for lessons this summer, your lessons will be $15 per student instead of $20.  Bring two friends and it will be $12 per student!


Choir $165

We are inviting all ages and abilities to join Holly Ann Music Choirs.  The dates and times we will be meeting this summer are not yet set.  Please sign up if you are interested and we will contact you with more information soon.  We will have multiple teachers on staff to create small group and large group ensembles and to create a friendly, welcoming and good quality experience.